About NPIDB:
NPIDB, Nucleic acid – Protein Interaction DataBase provides an access to structured and organized information about all available structures of DNA – protein and RNA – protein complexes. The work on the database started in 1998 in Belozersky Institute of Moscow State University. Since 2003, the database is available online. Besides the data, NPIDB site provides an access to a number of home-made software tools for analyzing 3D structures of complexes.
Kirsanov et al. NPIDB: nucleic acid–protein interaction database. Nucleic Acids Research, V.41, Database issue 2013, D517-D523.
Zanegina et al. An updated version of NPIDB includes new classifications of DNA-protein complexes and their families. Nucleic Acids Research, V.44, Database issue 2016.
Developer team:
  • Eugeniy Baulin
  • Anna Karyagina
  • Sergei Spirin
  • Andrei Alexeevski
Former developers:
  • Sergey Vasilyev (the main developer of the first version of the database)
  • Mikhail Titov (the main developer of the first online version)
  • Dmitry Kirsanov (the main developer of the current version)
  • Evgeniy Aksianov
  • Olga Zanegina

Russian Foundation of Basic Research:
    03-04-48476 (2003–2005)
    03-07-90157 (2003–2005)
    06-07-89143 (2006–2008)
    06-04-49558 (2006–2008)
    09-04-92743 (2009–2011)
    10-07-00685 (2010–2012)
    11-04-91340 (2011–2013)
    13-07-00969 (2013–2015)
Russian Science Foundation, 14-50-00029 (2015)
INTAS, 05-1000008-8028 (2005–2007)

tel. +7-495-9395414
e-mail: sas@belozersky.msu.ru (Sergei Spirin)
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