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Date 2010-11-21
Experimental method X-RAY DIFFRACTION
Resolution (A) 3.3
Kind hybrid
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File: Protein chains: DNA chains: RNA chains: No. of models: Action:
PDB entry:
pdb3po3.pdb ABCDEFGHIJKLS NT P 0
3po3.pdb1.pdb ABCDEFGHIJKLS NT P 1
Pfam domains
Name: Type: Domain: E-value: Significance: Clan: Prot. chain: Start res.: End res.: Nuc. chains: Int. mode: Action:
RNA_pol_Rpb1_1 Domain P04050_11-340 3.5e-114 1 No_clan A 11 340 T   
RNA_pol_Rpb1_5 Domain P04050_807-1397 4.1e-107 1 No_clan A 807 1397 PT   
RNA_pol_Rpb1_2 Domain P04050_342-507 1.7e-77 1 No_clan A 342 507 T   
RNA_pol_Rpb1_6 Domain P04050_873-1056 2.4e-63 1 No_clan A 873 1056   
RNA_pol_Rpb1_3 Domain P04050_510-669 7.9e-47 1 No_clan A 510 669   
RNA_pol_Rpb1_7 Domain P04050_1141-1274 3.3e-37 1 No_clan A 1141 1274   
RNA_pol_Rpb1_4 Domain P04050_693-800 5.3e-35 1 No_clan A 693 800   
RNA_pol_Rpb2_6 Domain P08518_752-1124 1.5e-122 1 CL0410 B 752 1124 P   
RNA_pol_Rpb2_2 Domain P08518_219-407 3.8e-48 1 No_clan B 219 407   
RNA_pol_Rpb2_7 Domain P08518_1126-1219 1.7e-33 1 No_clan B 1126 1219 T   
RNA_pol_Rpb2_4 Domain P08518_580-641 1.5e-25 1 No_clan B 580 641   
RNA_pol_Rpb2_3 Domain P08518_481-545 3.2e-21 1 No_clan B 481 545   
RNA_pol_Rpb2_5 Domain P08518_681-745 1.4e-19 1 No_clan B 681 745   
RNA_pol_A_bac Domain P16370_49-171 7.3e-32 1 No_clan C 49 171   
RNA_pol_L Domain P16370_19-255 6.6e-19 1 CL0509 C 19 255   
RNA_pol_Rpb5_C Domain P20434_142-214 1.6e-31 1 No_clan E 142 214   
RNA_pol_Rpb5_N Domain P20434_6-100 1.1e-29 1 CL0236 E 6 100   
S1 Domain P34087_80-161 6.2e-18 1 CL0021 G 80 161   
SHS2_Rpb7-N Domain P34087_8-79 2.6e-16 1 CL0319 G 8 79   
RNA_POL_M_15KD Domain P27999_4-41 1.2e-17 1 CL0167 I 4 41   
TFIIS_C Domain P27999_73-111 0.000000000000013 1 CL0167 I 73 111   
RNA_pol_N Domain P22139_1-60 5.4e-30 1 No_clan J 1 60   
RNA_pol_L_2 Domain P38902_30-104 1.6e-24 1 CL0509 K 30 104   
DNA_RNApol_7kD Domain P40422_29-60 1.9e-16 1 CL0167 L 29 60   
TFIIS_M Domain P07273_146-256 6.5e-25 1 No_clan S 146 256   
TFIIS_C Domain P07273_269-307 0.000000000000017 1 CL0167 S 269 307 P   
RNA_pol_Rpb2_1 Family P08518_42-455 1e-54 1 No_clan B 42 455   
RNA_pol_Rpb4 Family P20433_49-218 8.5e-39 1 CL0426 D 49 218   
RNA_pol_Rpb6 Family P20435_79-132 7.3e-18 1 No_clan F 79 132   
RNA_pol_Rpb8 Family P20436_7-146 2.1e-42 1 CL0021 H 7 146   
SCOP domains
No SCOP domains
GO terms
Protein chains: GO type: GO description:
B=1-1224 C mitochondrion
B=1-1224 F ribonucleoside binding
C=1-318 P termination of RNA polymerase II transcription
D=1-221 F nucleotide binding
D=1-221 P mRNA export from nucleus in response to heat stress
D=1-221 P recruitment of 3'-end processing factors to RNA polymerase II holoenzyme complex
D=1-221 P DNA repair
D=1-221 P nuclear-transcribed mRNA catabolic process, deadenylation-dependent decay
E=1-215 P tRNA transcription from RNA polymerase III promoter
F=1-155 C cytoplasm
G=1-171 C cytoplasmic mRNA processing body
G=1-171 F single-stranded RNA binding
G=1-171 F single-stranded DNA binding
G=1-171 P positive regulation of nuclear-transcribed mRNA poly(A) tail shortening
G=1-171 P positive regulation of translational initiation
G=1-171 P nuclear-transcribed mRNA catabolic process, exonucleolytic
I=1-122 F zinc ion binding
I=1-122 P maintenance of transcriptional fidelity during DNA-dependent transcription elongation from RNA polymerase II promoter
I=1-122 P transcription initiation from RNA polymerase II promoter
I=1-122 P transcription-coupled nucleotide-excision repair
L=1-70 C DNA-directed RNA polymerase II, core complex
L=1-70 C DNA-directed RNA polymerase I complex
L=1-70 C DNA-directed RNA polymerase III complex
L=1-70 F DNA-directed RNA polymerase activity
L=1-70 F DNA binding
L=1-70 F metal ion binding
L=1-70 P transcription from RNA polymerase I promoter
L=1-70 P transcription from RNA polymerase II promoter
L=1-70 P transcription from RNA polymerase III promoter
S=132-309 C nucleus
S=132-309 F RNA polymerase II regulatory region DNA binding
S=132-309 F core RNA polymerase II recruiting transcription factor activity
S=132-309 P positive regulation of transcription elongation from RNA polymerase II promoter
S=132-309 P regulation of mRNA 3'-end processing
S=132-309 P transcription elongation from RNA polymerase I promoter
S=132-309 P positive regulation of RNA polymerase II transcriptional preinitiation complex assembly
S=132-309 P transcription antitermination
S=132-309 P mRNA cleavage
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