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Date 2017-07-09
Experimental method ELECTRON MICROSCOPY
Resolution (A) 3.08
Kind rna
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File: Protein chains: DNA chains: RNA chains: No. of models: Action:
PDB entry:
Pfam domains
Name: Type: Domain: E-value: Significance: Clan: Prot. chain: Start res.: End res.: Nuc. chains: Int. mode: Action:
Ribosomal_L36 Domain A0QSL4_1-37 2e-18 1 No_clan 4 1 37 A   
Ribosomal_L2_C Domain A0QSD4_126-251 5e-55 1 CL0107 C 126 251 A   
Ribosomal_L2 Domain A0QSD4_42-119 7.2e-34 1 CL0021 C 42 119 A   
Ribosomal_L5_C Domain A0QSG1_91-184 8.6e-35 1 No_clan F 91 184 AB   
Ribosomal_L5 Domain A0QSG1_31-87 9.5e-26 1 CL0652 F 31 87 AB   
Ribosomal_L6 Domain A0QSG4_91-166 4.9e-21 1 No_clan G 91 166 A   
Ribosomal_L6 Domain A0QSG4_11-83 0.00033 0 No_clan G 13 83 A   
Ribosomal_L9_N Domain A0R7F6_1-39 2.9e-13 1 No_clan H 1 39 A   
Ribosomal_L14 Domain A0QSF9_1-122 3.2e-55 1 No_clan K 1 122 A   
Ribosomal_L22 Domain A0QSD6_12-115 8.2e-37 1 No_clan S 12 115 A   
Ribosomal_L25p Domain A0R3D2_11-97 1.8e-24 1 No_clan V 11 97 B   
Ribosomal_TL5_C Domain A0R3D2_105-185 7.3e-13 1 No_clan V 97 183   
Ribosomal_L30 Domain A0QSG7_4-54 1.3e-18 1 No_clan Z 4 54 A   
Ribosomal_L32p Family A0R3I9_2-50 3.2e-14 1 CL0167 0 2 50 A   
Ribosomal_L33 Family A0R551_8-52 1.2e-11 1 CL0167 1 8 52 A   
Ribosomal_L34 Family A0R7K0_4-47 6e-19 1 No_clan 2 4 47 A   
Ribosomal_L35p Family A0QYU7_2-62 1.1e-24 1 No_clan 3 2 62 A   
Ribosomal_L3 Family A0QSD1_80-191 2e-18 1 CL0575 D 79 191 A   
Ribosomal_L4 Family A0QSD2_18-206 1.3e-65 1 No_clan E 18 206 A   
Ribosomal_L13 Family A0QSP8_13-131 1.9e-54 1 No_clan J 14 138 A   
Ribosomal_L27A Family A0QSG8_29-146 8.6e-32 1 CL0588 L 29 146 A   
Ribosomal_L16 Family A0QSD8_4-132 4.7e-44 1 No_clan M 4 132 A   
Ribosomal_L17 Family A0QSL9_20-116 5.3e-38 1 No_clan N 20 116 A   
Ribosomal_L18p Family A0QSG5_12-127 2.4e-34 1 CL0267 O 12 127 A   
Ribosomal_L19 Family A0QV42_2-112 8.1e-51 1 CL0107 P 2 112 A   
Ribosomal_L20 Family A0QYU6_3-109 1.3e-41 1 No_clan Q 3 109 A   
Ribosomal_L21p Family A0R151_3-102 7.5e-34 1 No_clan R 3 102 A   
Ribosomal_L23 Family A0QSD3_9-95 5e-31 1 No_clan T 9 95 A   
ribosomal_L24 Family A0QSG0_38-105 2.2e-15 1 No_clan U 36 105 A   
KOW Family A0QSG0_5-36 1.8e-08 1 CL0107 U 5 36 A   
Ribosomal_L27 Family A0R150_8-80 2.9e-33 1 No_clan W 8 80 AB   
Ribosomal_L28 Family A0QV03_3-61 1.6e-22 1 No_clan X 3 61 A   
Ribosomal_L29 Family A0QSD9_8-64 2.7e-25 1 CL0346 Y 8 64 A   
SCOP domains
No SCOP domains
GO terms
Protein chains: GO type: GO description:
0=1-57 C large ribosomal subunit
0=1-57 F structural constituent of ribosome
0=1-57 P translation
1=1-54 C ribosome
1=1-54 F structural constituent of ribosome
1=1-54 P translation
2=1-47 C ribosome
2=1-47 F structural constituent of ribosome
2=1-47 P translation
3=1-64 C ribosome
3=1-64 F structural constituent of ribosome
3=1-64 P translation
4=1-37 C ribosome
4=1-37 F structural constituent of ribosome
4=1-37 P translation
C=1-278 C large ribosomal subunit
C=1-278 F rRNA binding
C=1-278 F structural constituent of ribosome
C=1-278 F transferase activity
C=1-278 P translation
D=1-217 C ribosome
D=1-217 F rRNA binding
D=1-217 F structural constituent of ribosome
D=1-217 P translation
E=1-215 C ribosome
E=1-215 F rRNA binding
E=1-215 F structural constituent of ribosome
E=1-215 P translation
F=1-187 C ribosome
F=1-187 F rRNA binding
F=1-187 F structural constituent of ribosome
F=1-187 F tRNA binding
F=1-187 P translation
G=1-179 C ribosome
G=1-179 F rRNA binding
G=1-179 F structural constituent of ribosome
G=1-179 P translation
H=1-151 C ribosome
H=1-151 F rRNA binding
H=1-151 F structural constituent of ribosome
H=1-151 P translation
J=1-147 C ribosome
J=1-147 F structural constituent of ribosome
J=1-147 P translation
K=1-122 C large ribosomal subunit
K=1-122 F rRNA binding
K=1-122 F structural constituent of ribosome
K=1-122 P translation
M=1-138 C ribosome
M=1-138 F rRNA binding
M=1-138 F structural constituent of ribosome
M=1-138 F tRNA binding
M=1-138 P translation
N=1-199 C ribosome
N=1-199 F structural constituent of ribosome
N=1-199 P translation
P=1-113 C ribosome
P=1-113 F structural constituent of ribosome
P=1-113 P translation
Q=1-129 C ribosome
Q=1-129 F rRNA binding
Q=1-129 F structural constituent of ribosome
Q=1-129 P ribosomal large subunit assembly
Q=1-129 P translation
R=1-103 C ribosome
R=1-103 F rRNA binding
R=1-103 F structural constituent of ribosome
R=1-103 P translation
S=1-153 C large ribosomal subunit
S=1-153 F rRNA binding
S=1-153 F structural constituent of ribosome
S=1-153 P translation
T=1-100 C ribosome
T=1-100 F rRNA binding
T=1-100 F structural constituent of ribosome
T=1-100 P translation
U=1-105 C ribosome
U=1-105 F rRNA binding
U=1-105 F structural constituent of ribosome
U=1-105 P translation
W=1-88 C ribosome
W=1-88 F structural constituent of ribosome
W=1-88 P translation
Y=1-77 C ribosome
Y=1-77 F structural constituent of ribosome
Y=1-77 P translation
Z=1-61 C large ribosomal subunit
Z=1-61 F structural constituent of ribosome
Z=1-61 P translation
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