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Date 2018-02-28
Experimental method ELECTRON MICROSCOPY
Resolution (A) 3.7
Kind rna
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File: Protein chains: DNA chains: RNA chains: No. of models: Action:
PDB entry:
pdb5zeu.pdb ceghijkloqrstnbdfmpu av 0
5zeu.pdb1.pdb ceghijkloqrstnbdfmpu av 1
Pfam domains
Name: Type: Domain: E-value: Significance: Clan: Prot. chain: Start res.: End res.: Nuc. chains: Int. mode: Action:
Ribosomal_S3_C Domain A0QSD7_119-202 6.6e-37 1 No_clan c 119 202 a   
KH_2 Domain A0QSD7_37-110 1.8e-19 1 CL0007 c 37 110   
S4 Domain A0QSL7_91-138 3.2e-19 1 CL0492 d 91 138 a   
Ribosomal_S5_C Domain A0QSG6_111-182 5.1e-28 1 CL0329 e 111 182 a   
Ribosomal_S5 Domain A0QSG6_36-100 9.1e-28 1 CL0196 e 36 100 a   
Ribosomal_S6 Domain A0A0D6J3X3_3-92 5.6e-28 1 No_clan f 3 92 a   
Ribosomal_S7 Domain A0QS97_2-149 4.7e-63 1 No_clan g 1 149 a   
Ribosomal_S8 Domain A0QSG3_5-132 1.3e-49 1 No_clan h 5 132 a   
Ribosomal_S15 Domain A0QVQ3_8-88 2.2e-36 1 CL0600 o 8 88 a   
Ribosomal_S17 Domain A0QSE0_25-92 6e-30 1 CL0021 q 25 92 a   
Ribosomal_S19 Domain A0QSD5_3-83 2.2e-35 1 No_clan s 6 83 a   
DUF1713 Domain A0QR10_2-33 1.5e-11 1 No_clan u 2 33 a   
Ribosomal_S2 Family A0QVB8_9-224 8.1e-99 1 CL0067 b 9 224 a   
Ribosomal_S4 Family A0QSL7_3-90 9.2e-30 1 CL0492 d 3 90 a   
Ribosomal_S9 Family A0QSP9_30-150 9.2e-42 1 CL0329 i 30 150 av   
Ribosomal_S10 Family A0QSD0_7-101 9.4e-35 1 No_clan j 7 101 a   
Ribosomal_S11 Family A0QSL6_28-137 2.9e-49 1 CL0267 k 28 137 a   
Ribosom_S12_S23 Family A0QS96_12-123 2.3e-42 1 CL0021 l 12 123 a   
Ribosomal_S13 Family A0QSL5_3-109 4.7e-35 1 CL0303 m 3 109 a   
Ribosomal_S14 Family A0QSG2_9-60 1.4e-25 1 No_clan n 9 60 a   
Ribosomal_S16 Family A0QV37_9-67 5.6e-23 1 No_clan p 9 67 a   
Ribosomal_S18 Family A0R7F7_26-77 2.4e-23 1 No_clan r 26 77 a   
Ribosomal_S20p Family A0R102_2-84 4e-29 1 No_clan t 3 84 a   
SCOP domains
No SCOP domains
GO terms
Protein chains: GO type: GO description:
b=1-277 C small ribosomal subunit
b=1-277 F structural constituent of ribosome
b=1-277 P translation
c=1-275 C ribosome
c=1-275 F mRNA binding
c=1-275 F rRNA binding
c=1-275 F structural constituent of ribosome
c=1-275 P translation
d=1-201 C small ribosomal subunit
d=1-201 F rRNA binding
d=1-201 F structural constituent of ribosome
d=1-201 P translation
e=1-214 C small ribosomal subunit
e=1-214 F rRNA binding
e=1-214 F structural constituent of ribosome
e=1-214 P translation
g=1-156 C small ribosomal subunit
g=1-156 F rRNA binding
g=1-156 F structural constituent of ribosome
g=1-156 F tRNA binding
g=1-156 P translation
h=1-132 C ribosome
h=1-132 F rRNA binding
h=1-132 F structural constituent of ribosome
h=1-132 P translation
i=1-150 C ribosome
i=1-150 F structural constituent of ribosome
i=1-150 P translation
j=1-101 C ribosome
j=1-101 F structural constituent of ribosome
j=1-101 F tRNA binding
j=1-101 P translation
k=1-138 C ribosome
k=1-138 F rRNA binding
k=1-138 F structural constituent of ribosome
k=1-138 P translation
l=1-124 C small ribosomal subunit
l=1-124 F rRNA binding
l=1-124 F structural constituent of ribosome
l=1-124 F tRNA binding
l=1-124 P translation
m=1-124 C ribosome
m=1-124 F rRNA binding
m=1-124 F structural constituent of ribosome
m=1-124 F tRNA binding
m=1-124 P translation
n=1-61 C ribosome
n=1-61 F rRNA binding
n=1-61 F structural constituent of ribosome
n=1-61 F zinc ion binding
n=1-61 P translation
o=1-89 C ribosome
o=1-89 F rRNA binding
o=1-89 F structural constituent of ribosome
o=1-89 P translation
p=1-156 C ribosome
p=1-156 F structural constituent of ribosome
p=1-156 P translation
q=1-98 C ribosome
q=1-98 F rRNA binding
q=1-98 F structural constituent of ribosome
q=1-98 P translation
r=1-84 C ribosome
r=1-84 F rRNA binding
r=1-84 F structural constituent of ribosome
r=1-84 P translation
s=1-93 C small ribosomal subunit
s=1-93 F rRNA binding
s=1-93 F structural constituent of ribosome
s=1-93 P translation
t=1-86 C ribosome
t=1-86 F rRNA binding
t=1-86 F structural constituent of ribosome
t=1-86 P translation
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