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Date 2020-04-04
Experimental method ELECTRON MICROSCOPY
Resolution (A) 5.3
Kind dna
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File: Protein chains: DNA chains: RNA chains: No. of models: Action:
PDB entry:
pdb6wg3.pdb ABCDE FG 0
6wg3.pdb1.pdb ABCDE FG 1
Pfam domains
Name: Type: Domain: E-value: Significance: Clan: Prot. chain: Start res.: End res.: Nuc. chains: Int. mode: Action:
SMC_N Domain Q14683_3-1211 1.1e-71 1 CL0023 A 3 1212 FG  L-Bb L-Mj 
SMC_hinge Domain Q14683_512-629 1.2e-25 1 No_clan A 512 629   
SMC_N Domain Q9UQE7_2-1197 1.6e-70 1 CL0023 B 2 1197 F  H-Bb L-Bb 
SMC_hinge Domain Q9UQE7_529-643 6.1e-21 1 No_clan B 529 643   
Rad21_Rec8_N Family O60216_10-92 7.5e-35 1 No_clan C 10 321   
Rad21_Rec8 Family O60216_574-628 9.6e-23 1 CL0157 C 574 628   
STAG Family Q8WVM7_160-274 5.8e-37 1 No_clan D 160 274   
Nipped-B_C Repeat Q6KC79_2275-2456 1.5e-62 1 CL0020 E 2275 2456   
Cohesin_HEAT Repeat Q6KC79_1794-1835 1.1e-10 1 CL0020 E 1794 1835 G  H-Bb 
SCOP domains
No SCOP domains
GO terms
Protein chains: GO type: GO description:
A=1-1233 C chromosome
A=1-1233 C chromosome, centromeric region
A=1-1233 C cohesin complex
A=1-1233 C condensed chromosome kinetochore
A=1-1233 C condensed nuclear chromosome
A=1-1233 C cytosol
A=1-1233 C kinetochore
A=1-1233 C meiotic cohesin complex
A=1-1233 C mitotic spindle pole
A=1-1233 C nuclear matrix
A=1-1233 C nucleoplasm
A=1-1233 C nucleus
A=1-1233 F ATP binding
A=1-1233 F chromatin binding
A=1-1233 F mediator complex binding
A=1-1233 F protein heterodimerization activity
A=1-1233 F RNA binding
A=1-1233 P cell division
A=1-1233 P DNA repair
A=1-1233 P meiotic cell cycle
A=1-1233 P mitotic sister chromatid cohesion
A=1-1233 P mitotic sister chromatid segregation
A=1-1233 P mitotic spindle assembly
A=1-1233 P response to DNA damage checkpoint signaling
A=1-1233 P response to radiation
A=1-1233 P sister chromatid cohesion
A=1-1233 P stem cell population maintenance
B=1-1217 C chromatin
B=1-1217 C chromosome
B=1-1217 C chromosome, centromeric region
B=1-1217 C cohesin complex
B=1-1217 C cytosol
B=1-1217 C lateral element
B=1-1217 C meiotic cohesin complex
B=1-1217 C mitotic spindle pole
B=1-1217 C nuclear matrix
B=1-1217 C nuclear meiotic cohesin complex
B=1-1217 C nucleoplasm
B=1-1217 F ATP binding
B=1-1217 F beta-tubulin binding
B=1-1217 F chromatin binding
B=1-1217 F dynein complex binding
B=1-1217 F mediator complex binding
B=1-1217 F microtubule motor activity
B=1-1217 F protein heterodimerization activity
B=1-1217 P cell division
B=1-1217 P DNA repair
B=1-1217 P meiotic cell cycle
B=1-1217 P mitotic cell cycle
B=1-1217 P mitotic spindle assembly
B=1-1217 P regulation of DNA replication
B=1-1217 P sister chromatid cohesion
B=1-1217 P stem cell population maintenance
C=1-631 C chromatin
C=1-631 C chromosome
C=1-631 C chromosome, centromeric region
C=1-631 C cohesin complex
C=1-631 C cytosol
C=1-631 C meiotic cohesin complex
C=1-631 C membrane
C=1-631 C nuclear cohesin complex
C=1-631 C nuclear matrix
C=1-631 C nucleoplasm
C=1-631 C spindle pole
C=1-631 F chromatin binding
C=1-631 P apoptotic process
C=1-631 P cell division
C=1-631 P DNA recombination
C=1-631 P double-strand break repair
C=1-631 P multicellular organism development
C=1-631 P negative regulation of G2/M transition of mitotic cell cycle
C=1-631 P negative regulation of mitotic metaphase/anaphase transition
C=1-631 P positive regulation of sister chromatid cohesion
C=1-631 P protein localization to chromatin
C=1-631 P reciprocal meiotic recombination
C=1-631 P regulation of transcription by RNA polymerase II
C=1-631 P sister chromatid cohesion
D=1-1258 C chromatin
D=1-1258 C chromosome
D=1-1258 C chromosome, centromeric region
D=1-1258 C cohesin complex
D=1-1258 C cytosol
D=1-1258 C mitotic spindle pole
D=1-1258 C nuclear body
D=1-1258 C nuclear matrix
D=1-1258 C nucleoplasm
D=1-1258 C nucleus
D=1-1258 F chromatin binding
D=1-1258 P cell division
D=1-1258 P mitotic spindle assembly
D=1-1258 P sister chromatid cohesion
E=1163-2804 C chromatin
E=1163-2804 C cytosol
E=1163-2804 C extracellular exosome
E=1163-2804 C integrator complex
E=1163-2804 C intracellular membrane-bounded organelle
E=1163-2804 C nuclear chromatin
E=1163-2804 C nuclear chromosome
E=1163-2804 C nucleoplasm
E=1163-2804 C nucleus
E=1163-2804 C Scc2-Scc4 cohesin loading complex
E=1163-2804 C SMC loading complex
E=1163-2804 F chromatin binding
E=1163-2804 F chromo shadow domain binding
E=1163-2804 F histone deacetylase binding
E=1163-2804 F mediator complex binding
E=1163-2804 F promoter-specific chromatin binding
E=1163-2804 F protein C-terminus binding
E=1163-2804 F protein N-terminus binding
E=1163-2804 P brain development
E=1163-2804 P cellular protein localization
E=1163-2804 P cellular response to DNA damage stimulus
E=1163-2804 P cellular response to X-ray
E=1163-2804 P cognition
E=1163-2804 P cohesin loading
E=1163-2804 P developmental growth
E=1163-2804 P digestive tract development
E=1163-2804 P double-strand break repair
E=1163-2804 P ear morphogenesis
E=1163-2804 P embryonic digestive tract morphogenesis
E=1163-2804 P embryonic forelimb morphogenesis
E=1163-2804 P embryonic viscerocranium morphogenesis
E=1163-2804 P establishment of mitotic sister chromatid cohesion
E=1163-2804 P establishment of protein localization to chromatin
E=1163-2804 P external genitalia morphogenesis
E=1163-2804 P eye morphogenesis
E=1163-2804 P face morphogenesis
E=1163-2804 P fat cell differentiation
E=1163-2804 P forelimb morphogenesis
E=1163-2804 P gall bladder development
E=1163-2804 P heart morphogenesis
E=1163-2804 P maintenance of mitotic sister chromatid cohesion
E=1163-2804 P metanephros development
E=1163-2804 P mitotic chromosome condensation
E=1163-2804 P mitotic sister chromatid cohesion
E=1163-2804 P negative regulation of transcription by RNA polymerase II
E=1163-2804 P negative regulation of transcription, DNA-templated
E=1163-2804 P outflow tract morphogenesis
E=1163-2804 P positive regulation of histone deacetylation
E=1163-2804 P positive regulation of mitotic cohesin loading
E=1163-2804 P positive regulation of multicellular organism growth
E=1163-2804 P positive regulation of neuron migration
E=1163-2804 P positive regulation of ossification
E=1163-2804 P rDNA condensation
E=1163-2804 P regulation of developmental growth
E=1163-2804 P regulation of embryonic development
E=1163-2804 P regulation of hair cycle
E=1163-2804 P replication-born double-strand break repair via sister chromatid exchange
E=1163-2804 P sensory perception of sound
E=1163-2804 P stem cell population maintenance
E=1163-2804 P transcriptional activation by promoter-enhancer looping
E=1163-2804 P uterus morphogenesis
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