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Nucleic atom dist Protein atom
DC24:O.OP2/1 3 ARG470:F.NH1/1
DC24:O.OP2/1 2.5 ARG470:F.NH2/1
DC24:O.OP2/1 2.48 ARG502:F.NE/1
DC24:O.N4/1 3.33 GLN505:F.NE2/1
DT25:O.O4/1 3.01 GLN505:F.NE2/1
DT44:O.OP2/1 2.51 TYR36:D.OH/1
DT44:O.OP2/1 3.2 HIS371:F.NE2/1
DG45:O.OP1/1 2.58 ARG367:F.NH2/1
DG45:O.OP2/1 3.15 ARG367:F.NH1/1
DT46:O.OP2/1 2.58 ARG357:F.NH2/1
DT48:O.OP1/1 2.77 ARG79:J.NH1/1
DT48:O.OP1/1 2.62 ARG79:J.NH2/1
DT48:O.OP2/1 3.32 ARG330:F.NH2/1
DT49:O.OP2/1 2.38 LYS334:F.NZ/1
DT49:O.OP2/1 3.04 TYR346:F.OH/1
DT49:O.O3'/1 3.31 ASN84:M.ND2/1
DA50:O.OP1/1 3.09 ARG87:M.NH1/1
DG51:O.OP1/1 2.9 LYS90:M.NZ/1
DG51:O.OP2/1 2.44 ARG87:M.NH1/1
DG51:O.N7/1 3.49 LYS90:M.NZ/1
DA52:O.OP2/1 2.5 LYS342:F.N/1
DA52:O.OP2/1 3.11 THR345:F.OG1/1
DC53:O.OP2/1 2.87 SER344:F.OG/1
DT54:O.O2/1 2.86 LEU302:F.N/1
DT54:O.N3/1 2.56 ASN299:F.OD1/1
DG55:O.N2/1 3.18 LEU232:F.O/1
DT62:O.O2/1 2.38 ARG181:C.NH2/1
DC66:O.OP1/1 2.78 ARG1038:D.NH1/1
DC68:O.OP1/1 2.6 LYS1212:D.NZ/1
DT85:P.OP1/1 3.02 LYS218:C.NZ/1
DC91:P.OP1/1 2.66 GLU1228:D.N/1
DA93:P.OP1/1 3.18 LYS409:D.NZ/1
DC94:P.OP2/1 2.78 LYS409:D.NZ/1
DC95:P.OP1/1 2.96 ARG1067:C.NE/1
DC95:P.O2/1 2.77 ARG427:D.NH1/1
DC96:P.OP1/1 2.61 ARG421:D.NH1/1
DT97:P.OP2/1 2.56 LYS1060:C.N/1
DG98:P.O6/1 3.19 SER433:F.OG/1
DG98:P.N2/1 3.12 GLU430:F.O/1
DA101:P.N6/1 2.98 SER422:F.N/1
DT103:P.O3'/1 2.91 ARG313:F.NH1/1
DC104:P.O5'/1 2.55 ARG313:F.NH1/1
DC104:P.O4'/1 3.18 ARG313:F.NH1/1
DC104:P.O4'/1 3.14 ARG313:F.NH2/1
DC104:P.O2/1 2.94 ARG313:F.NH1/1
DC104:P.N4/1 3.29 ARG421:C.NH2/1
DT105:P.OP1/1 3.14 TYR310:F.OH/1
DA106:P.OP1/1 3.12 ARG381:F.NH2/1
DA106:P.OP2/1 2.65 ARG381:F.NH1/1
DA106:P.OP2/1 2.74 ARG381:F.NH2/1
DA107:P.OP1/1 2.37 SER121:M.OG/1
DA107:P.OP1/1 3.13 GLY123:M.N/1
DA107:P.N7/1 3.45 GLU374:F.OE2/1
DG126:P.OP1/1 2.54 ARG478:F.NH1/1
DG126:P.OP1/1 2.82 ARG478:F.NH2/1
DG126:P.OP2/1 3.17 LEU489:F.N/1
DG126:P.N7/1 2.52 ARG500:F.NH2/1
DG126:P.O6/1 2.61 ARG500:F.NH1/1
DT127:P.O4/1 2.38 ARG500:F.NH1/1
DC128:P.OP2/1 2.96 ARG504:F.NH1/1
DC128:P.N4/1 2.68 GLU501:F.OE1/1
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Hbonds service shows hydrogen bonds on the NA-protein interface. One H-bond is one line in the table, where:
 Nucleic atom is atom of nucleic acid in Jmol/RasMol format.
 Protein atom is atom of protein in Jmol/RasMol format.
 Dist is distance from nucleic atom to protein atom in angstroms (Å).


W-Bridges service shows Water-bridges on the NA-protein interface. One Water-bridge is one line in the table, where:
 Nucleic atom is atom of nucleic acid in Jmol/RasMol format.
 Protein atom is atom of protein in Jmol/RasMol format.
 Water is water molecule.
 d_n2w is distance from nucleic atom to water molecule (Å).
 d_p2w is distance from protein atom to water molecule (Å).


CluD service shows hydrophobic clusters on the NA-protein interface. One Cluster is one line in the table, where:
 Core number is serial number of cluster.
 Atoms is number of detected atoms in the cluster.
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