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Description: Conserved protein-DNA contacts are provided by helix(es) (H) with DNA backbone atoms (Bb), β-strand(s) (S) with DNA backbone atoms (Bb), loop(s) (L) with DNA backbone atoms (Bb).
Pfam domains
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Pfam Domain Family PDB entries Number of structures
3wtp 3tu4 3o62 3mvd 3kwq 3c1c 3w97 3wkj 3waa 3wa9 3w99 3w98 3azi 3azh 3azg 3azf 3aze 3ayw 3av2 3azj 3c1b 3azn 3azm 3azl 3azk 3av1 3x1s 5e5a 5b24 5b0z 5b0y 5ay8 4z66 4z5t 4ys3 5cpk 5cpi 5b33 5b32 5b31 4qlc 4kud 4jjn 3x1v 3x1u 3x1t 4ym6 4ym5 4xzq 4x23 1p3k 1m1a 1zla 1f66 1id3 1p3l 1p3m 2cv5 2f8n 1p34 1p3o 1m19 1s32 1p3p 1m18 1p3i 3a6n 1p3g 1p3f 3afa 1p3b 1aoi 1p3a 2nqb 2fj7 1eqz 207
4x23 4z66 5b0y 5b0z 4z5t 4xzq 1p3a 4ys3 1m18 5e5a 5ay8 1aoi 1m19 5b24 1p34 4ym6 1eqz 1f66 4ym5 5b32 5b33 5b31 1id3 1m1a 1u35 2cv5 3azn 2f8n 2fj7 3azl 3c1b 3av1 3kwq 3c1c 1zla 3azk 3azf 3aze 3afa 3ayw 3av2 3a6n 2nqb 3azj 3azh 3azg 3x1u 1p3l 3x1t 3x1s 3wtp 1p3k 3x1v 4qlc 4kud 4jjn 1p3o 1p3m 3wkj 3tu4 3o62 1s32 3mvd 3w98 3waa 3wa9 3w99 131
5c5j 4r8u 4ir1 4ir9 4irc 4ird 4irk 4q45 4q44 4q43 1t3n 3gqc 19
4ird 4ir1 4irc 4rzr 4q43 4gc6 1s9f 2rdj 4qwe 11
5dqz 5dlj 5ds6 6
5dqz 5ds6 3
3rn5 3rn2 2
1rtd 3kk3 2
2qnc 2
5ffj 2
4hht 1
4r79 1
1ewq 1
4jwn 1

SCOP domains
Note: this data is based only on structures available at the moment of the last SCOP release (2009)
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SCOP Domain Family PDB entries Number of structures
Nucleosome core histones
1eqz 1f66 1id3 1kx3 1kx4 1kx5 1m18 1m19 1m1a 1p34 1p3a 1p3b 1p3f 1p3g 1p3i 1p3k 1p3l 1p3m 1p3o 1p3p 1s32 1u35 1zbb 1zla 2cv5 2f8n 2fj7 2nqb 2nzd 2pyo 3b6f 3b6g 3c1b 3c1c 120
DNA repair protein MutS, domain I
1ewq 1fw6 2
MutY C-terminal domain-like
1rrq 1rrs 2
Replication initiation protein E1
1ksy 2
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