Interaction mode
Mode:  H-Bb S-Bb L-Bb L-Mn 
Description: Conserved protein-DNA contacts are provided by helix(es) (H) with DNA backbone atoms (Bb), β-strand(s) (S) with DNA backbone atoms (Bb), loop(s) (L) with DNA backbone atoms (Bb), loop(s) (L) with the minor groove of DNA (Mn).
Export table
SCOP Domain Family PDB entries Number of structures
Nucleosome core histones
1eqz 1f66 1kx5 1p3i 1s32 1zbb 9
Prokaryotic DNA-bending protein
1ouz 1owf 1owg 2ht0 5
1v14 1v15 3
Lambda integrase-like, catalytic core
1ma7 1pvr 2
Replication modulator SeqA, C-terminal DNA-binding domain
1lrr 1
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