Interaction mode
Mode:  L-Bb L-Mj L-Mn 
Description: Conserved protein-DNA contacts are provided by loop(s) (L) with DNA backbone atoms (Bb), loop(s) (L) with the major groove of DNA (Mj), loop(s) (L) with the minor groove of DNA (Mn).
Export table
SCOP Domain Family PDB entries Number of structures
Uracil-DNA glycosylase
1q3f 1ssp 2
Zn2/Cys6 DNA-binding domain
1hwt 1qp9 4
STAT DNA-binding domain
1bf5 1
DnaQ-like 3'-5' exonuclease
2py5 1
Exodeoxyribonuclease V beta chain (RecC), C-terminal domain
1w36 1
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