Interaction mode
Mode:  S-Bb S-Mn L-Bb 
Description: Conserved protein-DNA contacts are provided by β-strand(s) (S) with DNA backbone atoms (Bb), β-strand(s) (S) with the minor groove of DNA (Mn), loop(s) (L) with DNA backbone atoms (Bb).
Pfam domains
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Pfam Domain Family PDB entries Number of structures
5u9h 5wo0 4ub5 4tuq 4tup 4rq7 4r66 4r65 4r64 4phd 4pha 4o9m 4ymo 4z6d 5u8i 5wnx 5u8g 5u2t 5u2r 5tbb 5tba 5wny 5hhh 4z6f 4z6e 4o5k 4nxz 4f5p 4f5o 4f5n 3tfs 3tfr 3rji 3rjf 3lk9 3isd 3gdx 3c2k 2fms 4f5r 4gxj 4nlz 4nlk 4m9l 4m9j 4m47 4lvs 4klt 4klm 4klj 4jwn 4jwm 4gxk 1tv9 55
4wzs 5n9g 1ngm 1vol 5
3kk1 1r0a 2
3nbn 1
3u44 1

SCOP domains
Note: this data is based only on structures available at the moment of the last SCOP release (2009)
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SCOP Domain Family PDB entries Number of structures
"Histone-like" proteins from archaea
1azp 1azq 1bf4 1bnz 1c8c 1ca6 1wd0 1wd1 1wvl 9
TATA-box binding protein (TBP), C-terminal domain
1d3u 1jfi 1ngm 1qn6 1qn7 1qn9 1qnc 1rm1 1vol 10
Prokaryotic DNA-bending protein
1p51 1p71 1p78 3
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