Pfam domain
Pfam family: Zn_clus (PF00172.20)
Uniprot AC: P0CS82
RecName: Heme-responsive zinc finger transcription factor HAP1
Begin-End: 62-100
Organism: Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Interaction Mode:  H-Bb H-Mj L-Bb L-Mj L-Mn 

Structures of the domain P0CS82 62-100
Export table
PDB ID Exp. data Chain Begin-End Interaction mode
1hwt X-ray 2.5 C 62-100  H-Bb H-Mj L-Bb L-Mj 
1hwt X-ray 2.5 D 62-100  L-Bb L-Mj L-Mn 
1hwt X-ray 2.5 H 62-100  L-Bb L-Mj L-Mn 
1hwt X-ray 2.5 G 62-100  H-Bb H-Mj L-Bb L-Mj 
1qp9 X-ray 2.8 D 62-100  H-Bb L-Bb L-Mj 
1qp9 X-ray 2.8 C 62-100  H-Bb L-Bb L-Mj 
1qp9 X-ray 2.8 B 62-100  H-Bb L-Bb L-Mj L-Mn 
1qp9 X-ray 2.8 A 62-100  H-Bb H-Mj L-Bb L-Mj 
2hap X-ray 2.5 D 63-100  H-Mj L-Bb L-Mj 
2hap X-ray 2.5 C 63-100  H-Bb H-Mj L-Bb L-Mj 

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