Complexes with domains of Pfam family Denso_VP4 (PF02336.14 )
PDB ID PDB Header  # of domains  # of bound domains 
4mgu VIRUS/DNA 1 1
1 <-- Total --> 1 1
Blocks-3D output

Alignment of the family with reliable blocks

Reliable blocks are found by the program Blocks-3D with distance threshold 1.5 Å
Blocks JSON: [PF02336.14.blocks.json]
Sequences JSON: [PF02336.14.dict.json]
Blocks TXT: [PF02336.14.fasta.hb]
Alignment FASTA: [PF02336.14.fasta.o]
Blocks-3D output HTML: [PF02336.14.fasta.hb.html]

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