Domains of Pfam family Ets (PF00178.24 )
Domain ID Uniprot AC Species Begin-End #Structures Interaction modes
O95238_250-332 O95238 Homo sapiens 250-332 1  H-Bb H-Mj S-Bb L-Bb L-Mn 
P11308_312-391 P11308 Homo sapiens 312-391 5  H-Bb H-Mj L-Bb 
 H-Bb H-Mj S-Bb L-Bb *
P14921_336-415 P14921 Homo sapiens 336-415 29  H-Bb H-Mj *
 H-Bb H-Mj L-Bb 
 H-Bb H-Mj S-Bb 
 H-Bb H-Mj S-Bb L-Bb 
 H-Bb H-Mj S-Bb L-Bb L-Mj 
P15036_364-443 P15036 Homo sapiens 364-443 3  H-Bb H-Mj L-Bb 
P17433_173-255 P17433 Mus musculus 173-255 2  H-Bb H-Mj L-Bb 
 H-Bb H-Mj S-Bb L-Bb 
P19419_6-86 P19419 Homo sapiens 6-86 2  H-Bb H-Mj S-Bb L-Bb 
P27577_336-415 P27577 Mus musculus 336-415 7  H-Bb H-Mj L-Bb 
 H-Bb H-Mj S-Bb L-Bb 
P28324_6-85 P28324 Homo sapiens 6-85 5  H-Bb H-Mj L-Bb *
 H-Bb H-Mj S-Bb L-Bb 
P41161_369-448 P41161 Homo sapiens 369-448 1  H-Bb H-Mj S-Bb L-Bb 
P43268_342-421 P43268 Homo sapiens 342-421 8  H-Bb H-Mj L-Bb *
P50548_28-107 P50548 Homo sapiens 28-107 5  H-Bb H-Mj S-Bb L-Bb 
P50549_336-415 P50549 Homo sapiens 336-415 1  H-Bb H-Mj S-Bb L-Bb *
P97360_336-416 P97360 Mus musculus 336-416 1  H-Bb H-Mj L-Bb L-Mn 
Q00422_321-400 Q00422 Mus musculus 321-400 1  H-Bb H-Mj S-Bb L-Bb 
Q01543_282-361 Q01543 Homo sapiens 282-361 11  H-Bb H-Mj S-Bb L-Bb *
Q3UPW2_294-375 Q3UPW2 Mus musculus 294-375 1  H-Bb H-Mj L-Bb L-Mn 
Q99581_48-127 Q99581 Homo sapiens 48-127 1  H-Bb H-Mj S-Bb L-Bb 
Interaction class:  H-Bb H-Mj L-Bb 

* interaction modes not found in water-containing structures resolved with X-RAY DIFFRACTION method having resolution better than 3 Angstrom

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