• List of Scop domains:
Best resolution complexes of SCOP family representatives, bound with nucleic acid

List of SCOP families detected in NPIDB entries:
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| CL = Class, CF = Fold, SF = Superfamily, FA = Family | See SCOP-help for more information
SCOP:  All list
 CF:  ATP-grasp
 SF:  L30e-like
 SF:  TGS-like
 SF:  Ankyrin repeat
 CF:  ClpS-like
 SF:  ClpS-like
 CF:  Cystatin-like
 SF:  Pre-PUA domain
 CF:  DCoH-like
 SF:  GAD domain-like
 CF:  DNA clamp
 SF:  DNA clamp
 CF:  DNase I-like
 SF:  DNase I-like
 CF:  dsRBD-like
 CF:  Ferredoxin-like
 SF:  ACT-like
  • FA:  Viral DNA-binding domain [ d.58.8.1 ]
     CF:  GCM domain
     SF:  GCM domain
     CF:  HPr-like
     SF:  HPr-like
  • FA:  HPr-like
     CF:  IF3-like
     CF:  L28p-like
     SF:  L28p-like
     CF:  L35p-like
     SF:  L35p-like
     CF:  Nudix
     SF:  Nudix
     CF:  Profilin-like
  • FA:  L15e
  • FA:  L23p
     CF:  RL5-like
     SF:  RL5-like
     CF:  RNase A-like
     SF:  RNase A-like
  • FA:  RPB5
     CF:  SH2-like
     SF:  SH2 domain
     CF:  SMAD MH1 domain
     SF:  SMAD MH1 domain
  • FA:  SMAD MH1 domain [ d.164.1.1 ]
     CF:  SRF-like
     SF:  SRF-like
  • FA:  SRF-like [ d.88.1.1 ]
     CF:  SRP19
     SF:  SRP19
  • FA:  SRP19
     CF:  TBP-like
     SF:  Bet v1-like
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