Interaction class
Class:  H-Bb H-Mj H-Mn L-Bb L-Mn 
Description: Conserved protein-DNA contacts are provided by helix(es) (H) with DNA backbone atoms (Bb), helix(es) (H) with the major groove of DNA (Mj), helix(es) (H) with the minor groove of DNA (Mn), loop(s) (L) with DNA backbone atoms (Bb), loop(s) (L) with the minor groove of DNA (Mn).
Pfam families with interaction class  H-Bb H-Mj H-Mn L-Bb L-Mn 
Export table
Pfam Domain Family Number of structures Number of domains Interaction modes
88 21  H-Bb H-Mj H-Mn L-Bb L-Mj L-Mn 
 H-Bb H-Mj H-Mn L-Bb L-Mn 
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